Find an iPad LocallyFindOne helps you find an iPad or iPhone 6/ iPhone 6 Plus (via In-App Purchase)!

Note:  If you don’t see a “New Products” button in version 3.6 of the FineOne app, please delete the app and re-download it.  There is an iOS 8 issue with the app update.

The app runs on an iPhone, iPod touch & iPad and searches a given zip code for Apple iPads and iPhones at Best Buy, Target, Walmart & RadioShack (in the United States) and lets you know what products are in stock.  For 99 cents, an in-app purchase allows you to search for iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, as they become available.  We will update the database when new products become available.

Search for Fall 2014 products!

FindOne allows you to:

  • Search up to 4 superstores to find specific iPad/iPhone models
  • Use your current location to search only nearby stores
  • Email a list of stores or store details to view or print
  • View the store location in your maps app
  • Call the store with one tap of a button

FindOneRemember to call before you drive, as store inventory changes quickly and (occasionally!) reported inventory may be out-of-date!

N.B.  Target seems to keep their inventory up-to-date.  Best Buy updates inventory every 24 hours (in the early morning).  RadioShack doesn’t seem to follow any pattern.  Walmart usually has what is listed, but you may have to get a sales person to go find for it (on a display, in the back,  or in a box that hasn’t been unpacked, etc.).

*No trees were cut, no animals tortured, no children enslaved, or any other unsavory social practices promoted in order to bring you this helpful app.  Please don’t send me flame-o-grams because Walmart or Best Buy doesn’t update their inventory as often as they should.  I’m just the messenger!

Please note that the total cost of upgrading this app to use the the latest iPad models  (99 cents) is substantially less than the cost of one grande latte at Starbucks.

Thank you for supporting FindOne.  I hope it helped you find a way-cool, totally slick iPad, and if not, tomorrow is another day.  Really.